ClearTOKEN Enables a Decentralized and Independent Platform to Unite All People.

Go green and get ClearTOKEN.
Get paid ClearTOKEN for your storage space.
Farm ClearTOKEN and enable the next Decentralized.
Store your files in the ClearSHARE.


Serious security issues exist today in the telecommunication and infrastructure technologies that either support or enable Decentralized and Cryptocurrencies.

Protecting both physical and virtual networks is a difficult task. Recent news reports show that both hardware and software wallets are at risk of being hacked through physical and software-based methodologies.

ClearFoundation is uniquely positioned in the market today. ClearCenter offers products available through an exclusive partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise hardware and services. By combining these services with ClearFoundation software and ClearCenter management tools, ClearFoundation can provide an unmatched and secure backbone architecture to secure Cryptocurrencies and Decentralized.

This packaged offering from ClearFoundation enables a new generation of uses including our value as a service, end-to-end secure audits, private exchanges, new mining options, and much more.


The ClearNODE Vision

In order to provide the most secure backbone for Decentralized and Decentralized currencies, the ClearNODE infrastructure and packaged apps protect your system on all four critical layers server, chip, disk and apps. ClearNODE is the only architecture available today that can fully secure all four layers.

The ClearNODE Managed Service includes the Clear Digital Lifecycle Management covering 4 key aspects - system hardening, consolidation, security, monetization.


What Are ClearTOKENS And What Is ClearNODE?

ClearTOKEN is a utility token from ClearFoundation that was created to enable a new Platform and Decentralized App (Dapp) Marketplace making Decentralized nodes, digital currencies and Dapps more reliable and truly secure.

Half of the total proceeds from ClearTOKEN will be set aside to fund an asset-backed Responsibility Endowment. This portfolio will tokenize natural and renewable energy classes allowing ClearFoundation stability and allowing it to continue to build, promote, and defend Decentralized-based and open source technologies worldwide.

The remaining half of ClearTOKEN proceeds will fund the expansion of ClearFoundation’s Decentralized Platform and Dapp Marketplace including the ClearSHARE decentralized storage service and other offerings.

ClearNODE is an integrated product line of managed hardware, software, and security services. ClearNODE leverages Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) ProLiant servers to run ClearOS, a Linux-based operating system, connected to the ClearOS Marketplace, and secured by the ClearGM security service.

You will be able to use ClearNODE as a secure decentralized storage device, a hybrid hardware/software wallet, to farm ClearTOKENS, and more. ClearNODE will also protect your local network, servers, wallets, Decentralized nodes, Dapps, devices, and even your family.


Read the Whitepapers

  • English
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Hindi
  • Romanian
  • Turkish
  • Indonesian
  • Filipino

ClearTOKEN Allocations

Not issued
2018 - 2025 Initial Community Offering
2018 - 2025 Initial Community Offering
Issued: 8,308,443,710
Allocated: 10,240,000,000
2018 - 2025 Community Bonanza Giveaway
2018 - 2025 Community Bonanza Giveaway
Issued: 3,629,106,943
Allocated: 10,240,000,000
Acquisitions & Other
Acquisitions & Other
Issued: 1,407,508,042
Allocated: 7,680,000,000
Internal Reserves
Internal Reserves
Issued: 913,809,562
Allocated: 20,480,000,000
2020+ ClearPHONE Referral & Usages & ClearNODES
2020+ ClearPHONE Referral & Usages & ClearNODES
Issued: 509,000
Allocated: 10,240,000,000
2020+ ClearSHARE Storage Farming
2020+ ClearSHARE Storage Farming
Issued: 0
Allocated: 10,240,000,000
2020 - 2030+ Community Engagement Bonuses
2020 - 2030+ Community Engagement Bonuses
Issued: 1,450
Allocated: 10,240,000,000
2025 - 2035+ ClearPOWER Energy Farming
2025 - 2035+ ClearPOWER Energy Farming
Issued: 0
Allocated: 10,240,000,000
2025 Initial Public Offering Reserves
2025 Initial Public Offering Reserves
Issued: 0
Allocated: 10,240,000,000
Security Bug Bounties & Developer Engagement
Security Bug Bounties & Developer Engagement
Issued: 8,136,426
Allocated: 2,560,000,000

ClearTOKEN Distribution Agreement

The ClearTOKEN Distribution will take place over 5 years starting on February 06, 2017 at 13:00 GMT and ending on July 4, 2018 at 12:59:59 GMT. One hundred billion (102,400,000,000) ClearTOKENS will be distributed according to the schedule below:

  • 1. 30% of the total amount of ClearTOKENS will be distributed and farmed beginning on February 6, 2018 at 13:00 GMT and ending on July 4, 2018 at 12:59:59 GMT.
  • 2. 10% of the total amount of ClearTOKENS will be distributed and farmed in 2019.
  • 3. 10% of the total amount of ClearTOKENS will be distributed and farmed in 2020.
  • 4. 10% of the total amount of ClearTOKENS will be distributed and farmed in 2021.
  • 5. 10% of the total amount of ClearTOKENS will be distributed and farmed in 2022. (NOTE: Depending upon adoption of Farming this final 2022 10% may be allocated toward Farmers.)
  • 6. 20% of the total amount of ClearTOKENS to be distributed will be reserved for ClearFoundation Limited and cannot be traded or transferred on the Ethereum network.
  • 7. 2.5% of the total amount of ClearTOKENS to be distributed will be reserved for Security Bug Bounty Hunters and cannot be traded or transferred on the Ethereum network.
  • 8. 7.5% of the total amount of ClearTOKENS to be distributed will be reserved for farming bonuses and other material issuances and cannot be traded or transferred on the Ethereum network.

ClearTOKEN to ClearCREDIT Overview

ClearTOKENS can be traded like any other Digital Currency or can be exchanged for CLEAR Credits to purchase ClearCenter hardware, software and services.


ClearGLASS ClearSDN ClearGM ClearCARE


ClearOS Marketplace ClearVML ClearVM


ClearNODE ClearBOX ClearWAP ClearUTILS

ClearNODE Product Components

ClearFoundation’s ClearNODE bundled managed service solution of HPE hardware, ClearOS applications & services is built on and for the Decentralized.



ClearOS is the only simple, secure, and affordable way to manage IT resources. ClearOS is a Linux-based open source operating system for managing cloud, server, network and gateway layers. Thanks to its web-based GUI and the ClearOS Marketplace, you can fully utilize the power of Linux services without becoming a Linux expert or knowing how to use the Linux command line interface.

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Watch What ClearOS Can Do For You?
Deploy & Manage the IT Layers you want, when you're ready.
Report and track bandwidth, user usage and much more...
Quickly see what needs your attention.
Find relevant Documentation, How-To's, KB's and Training
Open. Simple. Secure. Scalable. Manage intelligently integrated apps.
  • 17
    Years in Development
  • 135
    Marketplace Apps
  • 154
    Countries With Installations
  • 437,400
  • 110.3M
    Protected Users


ClearVM is the fastest to deploy, most secure, and easiest to use virtualization platform in the market today. With ClearVM, you can manage both physical and virtual machines without installing a centralized management system. Plus, ClearVM upgrades itself requiring zero maintenance on your part. Patent: US 13/460,660

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ClearVM is The Fastest Path to Private Decentralized Cloud Management.
Install ClearVM on any bare-metal servers, on-premise or off-premise.
Deploy, Start, Stop, Duplicate, Move, Back up!
Download, Select, Deploy, Add, License, Use
Install the Operating Systems of your choice. CentOS, Microsoft, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, pfSense.
Invite, Access, Set, Restrict, Admin, Give
Quickly see what needs your attention.
  • 4
    Years in Development
  • 38
    VM Library Templates
  • 1,433
    Cities With Installations
  • 3,715
    Dedicated Admins
  • 1

    US 13/460,660

ClearVM Hypervisor Example

ClearOS Marketplace
ClearVM Library
Off Premise

Unified Decentralized Gateway Management

Cellular Internet Connections Physical Internet Connection
On Premise
  • icon Automotive
  • icon Phones
  • icon Tablets
  • icon Laptops
  • icon Desktops
2018 FOCUS
  • icon Access Points
  • icon Servers
2017 FOCUS

New ClearOS Decentralized Focused Apps

ClearGM - Decentralized Network Protection & Security

Secure the Decentralized network from external and internal threats with Gateway. Management from ClearGM. Its zero-trust model is like a next-generation VPN but more secure using DNS-based filtering, machine-learning, and full egress control.

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Decentralized Remote Security Audit Service

Decentralized Remote Security Audit is a service for system administrators to limit the damage potential of corrupted or altered system files. The service quickly notifies administrators so that damage-control measures can be taken in a timely manner. The service utilizes ClearCenter's SDN cloud service and protects against a malicious attacker disguising any intrusion due to the creation of a unique hash which is stored in the cloud then validated against subsequent audits.

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Secure Decentralization Management

Gain visibility into your entire environment with ClearCenter's new Secure Decentralization Management tool. It securely provides oversight for all of your network and connected devices even across decentralized and distributed environments.

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Remote Decentralized Backup

ClearCenter's Remote Decentralized Backup Service app provides secure, simple and reliable backup around the world in a region of your choice. Your data is encrypted — both in transit and at rest — in clusters managed and secured by ClearCenter. You maintain total control over the encryption keys.

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ClearCenter's Decentralized Storage App is similar to a NAS but with added redundancy and security. It stores your mirrored data locally on-premises and also in a sharded, encrypted, and decentralized peer-to-peer cloud. ClearCenter automatically shreds , encrypts, and distributes your files across a decentralized network. No one else but you has access to keys or controls your files. The Decentralized ensures consistency and verifiability, while decentralization and redundancy on the network means that a local disaster or service interruption cannot cause a loss of data.

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Decentralized Private Banking App

Information on ClearCenter's Decentralized Private Banking App requires execution of a non-disclosure agreement. Contact a ClearCenter representative to learn more.

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Decentralized Private Exchange App

Information on ClearCenter's Decentralized Private Exchange App requires execution of a non-disclosure agreement. Contact a ClearCenter representative to learn more.

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Dynamic SSL App

Information on ClearCenter's Dynamic SSL App requires execution of a non-disclosure agreement. Contact a ClearCenter representative to learn more.

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Decentralized Mining App

Most Cryptocurrencies require a proof- of -work model to mine coins requiring high CPU/GPU utilization that wastes both electricity and hardware resources. CLEAR is based on a secure proof- of- unused Space model that is less wasteful and more decentralized while enabling new capabilities.

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ClearCenter’s ClearWALLET Decentralized-based wallet app functions as a hardware wallet, software wallet, or a hybrid wallet. Private keys can be protected from internal and external threats through DNS-based zero-trust model technology from ClearGM which controls all egress traffic from the wallet.

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ClearSHARE Monthly Storage Calculator

Select TBs :
Service Provider Annual Cost Monthly
Storage Cost
Bandwidth Cost
Private Decentralized Multi Region
Amazon S3 - - -
Google Cloud - - -
Microsoft Azure - - -

GitHub / GitLab Directory


Partners & Leadership

  • Leadership-team
    ClearFoundation Governing Board

    Michael Proper


    Over the past 21 years, Michael has helped start and grow numerous companies in the IT industry and helped create the MSP ...

  • Leadership-team
    ClearFoundation Governing Board

    Pascal J. Budge


    Pascal brings to ClearFoundation more than 20 years of experience in security, business development, government contractin...

  • Leadership-team

    Blaine Raddon


    Prior to joining the ClearFoundation, Blaine Raddon was a Director at HPE over Worldwide GTM, RTM...

  • Leadership-team

    Colin Kelly

    Senior VP Marketing

    Colin has spent the last 10 years researching and analyzing computer hardware, software, open source, and smartphone...

  • Leadership-team

    Vlado Petrushev


    Vlado started his career programming spreadsheets at IBM, soon after got a lead tech support role on a VoIP project...

  • Leadership-team
    ClearFoundation Governing Board

    David Redekop


    David is co-founder of Gateway.Management and co-founded Nerds On Site Inc, a large Hybrid Service Provider with more than...

  • Leadership-team

    Shad Lords


    Shad brings to ClearFoundation more than two decades of extensive systems and software development experience.

  • Leadership-team

    Mike Howe


    Mike received his Masters of Accountancy at the University of New Mexico and has many years of financial accounting experi...

  • Leadership-team

    Scott Dastrup


    Scott is a wizard in the corporate video production world and helps tell the ClearCenter story.

  • Leadership-team
    ClearFoundation Governing Board

    Michael K. Simpson


    For over 30 years Michael has been an internationally sought after instructor on strategy, execution, building high perfor...

  • Leadership-team
    ClearFoundation Governing Board

    John Fallentine

    Awareness MANAGER

    John has overseen the development, production, and maintenance of corporate websites for many of the largest...

  • Leadership-team

    David Politis

    VP Communications

    For 30+ years, David has defined and directed marketing campaigns that have helped his employers realize over $1.1...

  • Leadership-team

    Tyler Randolph


    Prior to joining ClearFoundation, Tyler was a Website Maintenance Specialist at Boostability.

  • Leadership-team

    Nick Howitt


    Nick is one of the world’s foremost experts in deploying and maintaining ClearOS. Even before he worked for ClearCenter...

  • Leadership-team

    Edwin Gualotuna


    Edwin is a seasoned accountant and accomplished racing car driver. He understands the principles of cost efficiency...

  • Leadership-team

    Philip G. Jones


    Philip graduated from J. Reuben Clark Law School in December of 1979 and was admitted to the Utah State and Federal Bars i...

  • Leadership-team

    Justin Flanagan


    Justin is an associate in the Technology and Intellectual Property group in the Salt Lake City office.

  • Leadership-team

    Shiv Jangid


    Shiv Jangid has over 15 years of extensive experience in digital media space of web designing.

  • Leadership-team

    Vikash Jangid


    Vikash Jangid has more than 5 years in the IT industry, Vikash is well versed with all the details.

  • Leadership-team

    Marc Laporte


    Marc has been project admin for Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware since 2003 and started working with ClearCenter in 2014.

  • Leadership-team
    ClearFoundation Governing Board

    Ray Mihaere


    Ray is a skilled communicator focused on improving worldwide awareness of ClearFoundation & ClearOS.

  • Leadership-team

    Ted White, Jr.

    EVP of Sales- ClearMed

    Mr. White has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and in building and managing

  • Leadership-team

    Lea Burr

    Executive Assistant

    Lea Burr has a strong administrative background working with High Level Executive Members.

  • Leadership-team

    Shaanta Kamai

    Business Development & Sales- Clear Energy

    Shaanta is a self-motivated networker that genuinely cares about people and their success. Her skills in marketing

  • Leadership-team

    Stephen Wunderli

    Creative Director of Content

    Stephen Wunderli is a veteran Creative Director, having worked in a variety of industries including: tech

See ClearFoundation Culture culture

Strong Industry Experience of Leadership Team





The ClearFoundation is a New Zealand company which was created in 2009 with the purpose of developing and maintaining ClearOS under a Simple, Secure, and Affordable open source model. The foundation exists to ensure that every small business and distributed IT environment on the globe can have access to enterprise-grade IT security, privacy, filtration, and management tools.

ClearOS began life as ClarkConnect in May 2000 as an innovative and easy-to-use Linux-based operating system with a simple web-based GUI featuring automatic updates via a Service Delivery Network. The original developers of ClarkConnect (Peter Baldwin and Ben Chambers) continue to maintain and grow ClearOS today in addition to the thousands of Linux and open source developers and community members who maintain its core functionality from around the globe.



Formed by Founder and CEO Michael Proper in 2009, ClearCenter is focused on delivering stable IT solutions based on Cloud, Server, Network, and Gateway layers that make delivering IT highly scalable and easy to manage.

Michael's vision around a simple, highly scalable platform stemmed from his experience starting and growing DirectPointe, Inc. from its inception in 2000 to the top of its industry and its acknowledgment as the world’s No. 1 MSP in 2007-2008 by MSPMentor.

Today, ClearCenter supports more than 10 million end-users spanning more than 430,000 deployments in 154 countries worldwide and in over 86 languages.

ClearOS Global Adoption


Customer Deployment Regions

icon 3,899 Cities
icon 1,433 Cities
United States/Canada
  • +1.800.977.0574
  • sales@clearcenter.com
Europe/Africa/Middle East
  • +1.801.851.5555
  • sales@clearcenter.com
Join ClearSHARE
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Strategic Partners

ClearNODE Roadmap

  • 2000
  • Brilliant minds create & launch ClarkConnect out of Carnegie Mellon University.

  • 2009
  • Jan

    ClearFoundation created and charged with open source research and development.

    ClarkConnect becomes ClearOS.

    ClearCenter founded and exclusively license ClearOS worldwide.

  • July

    ClearOS Version 5 released.

  • 2012
  • July

    ClearOS Version 6 released.

  • 2015
  • Mar

    ClearOS Version 7 released with new ClearOS Marketplace for apps.

    ClearVM virtualization platform released.

  • 2016
  • ClearOS passes 10 million protected end users milestone.

    ClearOS Marketplace adds more than 100 apps.

  • 2017
  • Apr

    Gateway.Management launches with deep ClearOS integration.

  • May

    ClearCenter partners with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to preload ClearOS on HPE ProLiant servers.

  • Jun

    Worldwide Launch of ClearCenter and HPE partnership.

  • Sep

    HPE Gen10 Releases Gen10 ProLiant Servers featuring Silicon Root of Trust technology.

  • Oct

    ClearOS Version 7.4 released with new security features.

  • Nov

    ClearCenter acquires Minebox.io.

  • Dec

    ClearCenter Announces Exclusive Partnership with Mist.io

  • 2018
  • Jan

    ClearNODE Whitepaper and website announced

  • Feb

    Decentralized network protection & security service by Gateway.Management (ClearGM) released

  • Mar

    ClearTOKEN pre-sale begins

  • Apr

    ClearGLASS Hybrid Controller app released

  • May

    ClearNODE pre-launch event in Moscow

  • Jun

    ClearNODE launched with HPE at CEBIT in Germany

  • Jul

    ClearNODE available for preorder

  • Aug

    Daily ClearTOKEN Public Raffle begins

  • Sep

    ClearNODEs ship to first customers

  • Oct

    Secure Boot Dapp released

  • Nov

    Private Banking Service Dapp released

  • Dec

    ClearTOKEN farming Dapp released

  • 2019
  • Jan

    Dynamic SSL service release

  • Feb

    Secured centralized management of decentralized and distributed environments



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  • HPE Certification & Support
    Welcome to HPE's interactive ClearOS Support and Certification webpage for HPE Servers.
  • ClearOS Minimum Requirements
    Welcome to HPE's interactive ClearOS Support and Certification webpage for HPE Servers.
  • ClearOS Software from HPE
    Hewlett Packard Enterprise is redefining the small business server by exclusively offering...
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    Introducing the HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 with ClearOS.
  • Netsindo Case Study
    ClearOS and HPE partner finds the ultimate customer solution for SMB and education.
  • Rave Reviews
    ClearOS and HPE get ITPro’s 5-star editor’s choice award.
  • J-Tech Case Study
    J-Tech Enterprises sees 50% savings delivered by HPE ProLiant Servers and ClearOS.
  • HPE Solution Brief
    HPE SMB Solutions for Storage and Backup with ClearOS.
  • HPE Solution Brief
    HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 with ClearOS for Unified Threat Management.


Frequently Asked Questions

ClearFoundation General Questions:

ClearFoundation was privately funded until the release of CLEAR Token, at which time a small portion of the ClearFoundation CLEAR Token funds received will go toward funding ClearFoundation operations. (see: www.clearfoundtion.nz.co)
New Zealand has a stable economy and open Intellectual Property laws that provide fertile ground for enabling ClearFoundation to grow. Though other jurisdictions offer similar benefits, there were some patently clear reasons to set up in New Zealand. A couple of those reasons are around how New Zealand treats software patents and copyright laws and takes a pragmatic approach to financial regulations both in the short-term and long-term.
There are several advantages of becoming an incorporated society: 1) A society becomes a separate legal entity once incorporated. 2) An incorporated society can lease, rent, buy and sell property, borrow money and enter contracts in its own name. No member of the society can have personal rights or interests in any of the assets of the society. 3) An incorporated society will continue as a separate entity even though its membership changes. 4) Members will not be personally liable for the debts, contracts or other obligations of the society.
ClearFoundation was formed in 2009 in New Zealand as an organization focused on managing and developing the source code and repository of ClearOS, an open source Linux-based operating system. ClearCenter was also formed in 2009 and is headquartered in Orem, Utah. ClearCenter is focused on commercializing ClearOS and other open source applications and services, whether developed by the company or by members of the open source community.
Yes, it has developed under an GNU General Public License version 2 software license. ( see: https://www.clearos.com/clearfoundation/code/clearos-eula )
While there’s no way to be sure, probably not.
Get one ClearFoundation Ticket each time you: 1. Donate 1 ETH (or equivalent). 2. Accumulate 500 Community Points by engaging with the ClearFoundation Community. 3. Light up a node by purchasing one ClearNODE. Coming soon, we'll also have other ways to earn free CLEAR Tokens including: 1. CLEAR Drop - follow our social media channels to receive free tokens. 2. Referral Program - get a 5% bonus when you refer a friend who buys CLEAR Tokens. 3. Developers - Commit code to select ClearFoundation or ClearCenter open source projects or submit bugs.
91 in 9 different locations around the World.
More than 103,000 with more than half of them active over the last 13 months.
Identity, Social Media, Healthcare, and VDI type Dapps and services.

ClearFoundation IP & Copyright:

ClearOS is a modular Linux operating system consisting of hundreds of software components. The copyright for each component is located in the component's source code. Point Clark Networks Limited currently owns the copyright to webconfig and various other middleware components. The Point Clark Networks software is licensed under GPL. The copyright will be transferred to the ClearFoundation in the not-too-distant future!
New Zealand copyright protects the expression of ideas or information ? not the ideas or information itself. For example, if you write a novel, the text will be protected, but not the ideas or plot. Someone could write their own novel using your ideas, without necessarily infringing copyright. Similarly, if two authors independently create a similar work based on the same idea, without copying from each other or from someone else, there is no copyright infringement.
Yes. New Zealand is a party to various international agreements on copyright protection. This means that most works created by people in other countries are also protected under New Zealand copyright law. Similarly, copyright material created in New Zealand or by New Zealand citizens will be automatically protected in other countries.

CLEAR Token and Daily Bonanza Giveaway:

CLEAR Token is a digital currency and a utility token that enables a secure and reliable Blockchain platform and Dapp Marketplace. CLEAR Token is part of a larger vision between ClearFoundation, ClearCenter and other partners. See the questions below for more details.
Fifty percent of the proceeds from CLEAR Token will be used under a mandate from ClearFoundation to form and tokenize a natural and renewable, energy asset-backed Responsibility Endowment. This will allow ClearFoundation to continue to build, promote, and defend Blockchain-based and open source technologies in perpetuity and help to create one of the first true crypto assets. The remaining 50 percent of CLEAR Token proceeds will fund the expansion of ClearFoundation’s Blockchain Platform and Dapp Marketplace made available through ClearFoundation’s commercialization partner, ClearCenter, via ClearCenter’s Blockchain-based ClearNODE product line of managed hardware, software, and services (including the ClearSHARE app and ClearGM security service).
ClearFoundation's long term plans for CLEAR Token start out with a new Platform and Dapp Marketplace that makes Blockchain nodes, Dapps, local networks, servers, devices and families more secure (see clearnode.com for more info). CLEAR Token together with ClearFoundation, ClearCenter and a growing number of partners will enable the acceleration of new types of third-party Dapps across many industries starting with identity, healthcare, fintech and insurance just to name a few. Work is already underway for ClearFoundation and ClearCenter to release their own apps and Dapps including hybrid software/hardware digital wallets, digital currency exchange services, and public/private banking services. ClearFoundation and ClearCenter see the future as a Blockchain-centered world where individual rights, privacy, and security are of utmost importance. We believe citizens of the world should be able to interact with and transact with each other using any number of methods - including given the right to create micro-banking communities using the currency of their choice. ClearFoundation and ClearCenter also believe we as a human race are responsible to be stewards over our own domain and to conserve our planet's resources when possible. CLEAR Token is based on a Proof of Storage model vs. more traditional Proof of Work models that waste computational and natural resources due to the large consumption of electrical power and high levels of CPU/GPU utilization. (For example, in a November 2017 study, it was calculated that Bitcoin nodes consume more electricity than the entire country of Ireland.) Fully half of all proceeds from CLEAR Token will be used to form and tokenize a natural and renewable, energy asset-backed Responsibility Endowment allowing ClearFoundation and ClearCenter to help promote ClearFoundation and ClearCenter's values, stabilize CLEAR Token, and will also continue to build, promote, and defend Blockchain-based and open source technologies in perpetuity and help to create one of the first true crypto assets.
ClearFoundation's mission has always been to level the playing field for marginalized organizations without big enterprise-grade budgets. This philosophy also permeates into CLEAR Token. ClearFoundation wants to give as many people as possible the ability to earn CLEAR Token and participate in the future. ClearFoundation also wants to incentivize the activation of as many new nodes on the network as possible so future Dapps and Blockchain-based services can automatically take advantage of a robust ecosystem.
The CLEAR Token Giveaway Periods will start during August 2018.
There will be 1,825 total CLEAR Token Giveaway Periods over a 5-year period starting August 2018. Each period lasts 24 hours.
Yes, there is a 12-month holding period built into CLEAR Token. Exactly 12 months after the issue date of each CLEAR Token, it will become available for exchange.
CLEAR Tokens can be converted to ClearCenter credits and used to buy select hardware, software and services through ClearCenter. CLEAR Token owners are also free to trade CLEAR Tokens in secondary markets.
In 2018 only the ClearNODE for the Home (Personal) found here will be available using CLEAR Tokens. More ClearNODE line ( see: www.clearnode.com ) and ClearOS ( see: www.clearos.com ), ClearVM ( see: www.clearvm.com ), ClearGM ( see: www.cleargm.com ) and ClearGLASS ( see: www.clear.glass ) product will available in future quarters and years.
Yes, we are working on integration with the most trusted, secure reputable digital asset exchanges.
To see the CLEAR Token allotment for any given day, sign into your ClearFoundation Portal account, click on the Tickets section at the top, then scroll down to the calendar area. Mouse over any date on the calendar showing a country's flag to see the allotment for that country's Independence Day. A date not associated with any country's Independence Day (no flag shown) will have a Bonanza Giveaway daily allotment of 1 million CLEAR Tokens.
At the end of each 24-hour period, that day's allotment of CLEAR Tokens will be distributed evenly among each participant during that period. For example, if that day's allotment is 1 million CLEAR Tokens and if there are 100 participants during that period, then each of the 100 individuals receive an even split ( 10,000 tokens each).
Yes. The individual who received the CLEAR Token Tickets may assign the CLEAR Token Ticket prior or after the ClearFoundation Giveaway Period for the respective CLEAR Token Giveaway, without the prior approval from the ClearFoundation.
Yes. As long as an Individual (a human) has completed the KYC/AML for said Company.
A: Get one ClearFoundation Ticket each time you: 1. Donate 1 ETH (or equivalent). 2. Accumulate 500 Community Points by engaging with the ClearFoundation Community. 3. Light up a node by purchasing one ClearNODE. Coming soon, we'll also have other ways to earn free CLEAR Tokens including: 1. CLEAR Drop - follow our social media channels to receive free tokens. 2. Referral Program - get a 5% bonus when you refer a friend who buys CLEAR Tokens. 3. Developers - Commit code to select ClearFoundation or ClearCenter open source projects or submit bugs.
Yes. An unlimited amount of ClearFoundation Tickets can be submitted on each Period (day).
Yes there are 2 ways. 1) Participate in the CLEAR Drop program and earn free CLEAR Tokens for following ClearFoundation on social media channels. 2) Participate in the CLEAR Token referral program and earn a percentage of any CLEAR Tokens purchased by the person you referred.
Yes, you can send Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, which will be converted to Ether at market price at the time of deposit.
Yes. The ClearFoundation will only ensure KYC/AML checks are conducted in accordance with New Zealand law.
No. The ClearFoundation will not post or share individual personal information unless mandated by law.
Yes, you can send EOS, which will be converted to Ether at market price at the time of deposit.
Yes, you can send RHOC, which will be converted to Ether at market price at the time of deposit.
In addition to storing the CLEAR Tokens in your own wallet, you will be able to store them in ClearNODE, using any ERC20 supportive wallet(Cipher, MyEtherWallet). The ClearFoundation will also launch its own branded hardware wallet.
You can do that by offering your unused hard-drive storage from your ClearNODE (see: www.clearnode.com or www.cleaershare.community for more details).


Yes. In 2018 only the ClearNODE for the Home (Personal) found here ( see: www.clearnode.com ) will be available using CLEAR Tokens.
At the moment, only the Home model of ClearNODE (based on the HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10) may be purchased. ( see: https://www.clearcenter.com/products/home-br-hpe-microserver-gen10 )
Yes - one per customer. A customer is defined as an individual holding a Digital Wallet address submitted in the ClearFoundation User Portal.
ClearNODEs are expected to begin shipping in late July 2019.
Current installation services are available in all of Canada, South Africa and Select parts of the United States. Additional areas are coming online soon.
Yes. The process is not difficult and the ClearCenter support team can remotely help you get ClearNODE up and running then help manage your ClearNODE for you on an ongoing basis.
Today ClearNODE will fully protect every device in your home from inbound and outbound security threats. Soon you will be able to run a hybrid hardware/software digital wallet and also use ClearNODE as a decentralized storage service and/or earn CLEAR Tokens by renting out unused hard disk capacity. In the future we will enable new apps and services including private banking and exchange services.
Yes and no. If you want to achieve similar functionality then yes, you can wipe your Minebox, install ClearOS then install the ClearSHARE app from the ClearOS Marketplace. This will provide similar features and give you the ability to earn CLEAR Tokens by renting out your unused storage. Since ClearNODE is a fully managed service including new HPE hardware, and a set of managed software and security services, you wouldn’t be able to fully convert a Minebox to a ClearNODE since you would lose the all of the managed services. However, you could install ClearOS on your own x86 hardware and then install all of the other apps included with the ClearNODE bundle on your own via the ClearOS Marketplace app but you wouldn't get anything as a "managed service" vs. buying a new ClearNODE. Also depending on the edition of ClearOS you choose your support options will vary (from forum-only support up to phone/email). But you will be able to get most of the same features and apps that will come on a new ClearNODE.
Yes, configuration options depend on the number of hard disks installed.
Yes. Sign up at https://www.clearcenter.com/pages/become-partner-hpe
Yes. In the first quarter of 2019 ClearCenter will be releasing new rack-mounted ClearNODE hardware bundles.

ClearOS General Questions:

Yes. You can convert CLEAR Tokens to ClearCenter credits which can then be used to purchase ClearOS subscriptions and support offerings.
Yes. You can convert CLEAR Tokens to ClearCenter credits which can then be used to purchase Apps in the ClearOS marketplace.

ClearOS Marketplace:

Yes, a crypto wallet will be offered in the ClearOS Marketplace. The wallet will be ready to use by December 2018 and it will support multiple cryptocurrencies.


ClearNODE is a combination of Hardware, Software, and Services running together as a complete solution. ClearGLASS is a management platform that can be used to provide Monitoring, Remote Management, and other services to remote ClearNODE devices. ClearGLASS can also be installed on a ClearNODE to provide management of other ClearNODEs. You can both manage ClearNODE from ClearGLASS as well as run ClearGLASS on ClearNODE ( see: www.clearnode.com or www.clear.glass ).
ClearGLASS can be used to create a robust environment of key-based access to the management of your ClearNODE servers. You can also set up Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) so that certain actions can be performed by specific individuals.
Yes. Like most paid apps in the ClearOS Marketplace, you can purchase ClearGLASS with CLEAR Tokens by first converting your tokens to Clear credits.


ClearVM began with an acquisition by ClearCenter in 2015. ClearVM came with patents pending and were fully issued in 2017 for ClearCenter’s new disruptive IT deployment model. ClearCenter may use these to enter into other opportunities in the future. That being said, ClearVM uses KVM and libvirt and allows for easy interaction into the open source side of the virtualization stack. ( see: www.clearvm.com )
ClearVM 2.x is based off of CentOS. It has better functionality when dealing with network interfaces as well as having support for UEFI. ( see: www.clearvm.com )
If you use ClearVM 1.x, you will need to move your virtual machines to ClearVM 2.x before ClearVM 1.x becomes end of life. ( see: www.clearvm.com )
See https://www.clearvm.com for a list detailing the Free, Standard and Premium features.
We are not a hosting service. Our ClearOS 7 does run in a hosted environment. ClearOS 7 is also available to run on-premise, both stand alone and virtualized. Our ClearVM product is a virtualization platform for your on-premise servers. We do have an orchestration platform ClearGLASS to manage your cloud, virtual and physical machines as well. You would need an account with a cloud provider for a hosted virtual machine.
ClearVM is a virtualization platform that allows you to create, deploy, and manage virtual machines through cloud-based web portal on any physical server regardless of location. ClearVM has a unique patented security approach that creates a federated point to point connection through HTTPS: to your physical server and your administrative portal, creating the most secure virtualization platform available. ClearVM is free for up to 2 physical server and 8 virtual servers. Your bare-metal servers will be ready to host virtual machines within 10 minutes. You will not need to update your virtualization software. You don't have to install centralized management. You can also deploy most major operating systems including ClearOS directly from your ClearVM portal. Go to ClearVM.com to get started.
You need to register at: https://witsbits.com/app/#/register Enter your email address and choose a password, then click ‘Join’. You should receive a registration email. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder. You’ll need to click on ‘Confirm Email’ link in order to complete your ClearVM registration. Unfortunately, there is no other way to create a ClearVM account. Our administrators are unable to create an account in your behalf.

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